Saturday, February 9, 2008

Over-the-Rhine Community Housing

Spent the morning with some high school seniors working with OTRCH. A neat organization, doing real, practical work.

Worked with Ron, some kids from Napolean High School, and some students from Kings. I believe Ron is a full-time worker with OTRCH.

I haven't done much volunteer work recently. In fact, it's probably been years. It felt good getting up, heading down there, and just doing some manual labor to help out that organization, and indirectly, a family that may be having a tough time financially.

We took some pics and shot some video for the students' community service requirements. More to follow later. (Isn't a volunteer requirement a bit of an oxymoron?!?)

The last time I worked with this organization it wasn't this organization. In fact it was RESTOC.


Anonymous said...

What was the nature of your work? I am thinking about doing one of the saturday morning volunteer programs and am just curious what you did.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Would love to know what you guys did.

Cincinnati Now said...

We spent most of the morning cleaning out an abandoned apartment. OTRCH manages/owns over 200 units in the OTR area. Obviously you can read about their focus on their website. I think another group did some painting in another part of the community.

Ron said that they have a lot more work to do during the spring and summer because a lot of their activity is outdoor rehab, landscaping, taking down walls, etc.

They only work 9-12 with volunteers, so it's a pretty quick morning.

Talk to Bill Haigh if you want to get more information.