Monday, February 11, 2008

News and SNOW!!!!

I love how our city's media outlets react to the possibility of a lot of snow. It's as if Godzilla is approaching Cincinnati via the Ohio River. What in the world?!?

I mean, a lot of snow is one thing, the possibility of a lot of snow is another, but we react to the possibility of a little snow, that in most cases, turns into a dusting or less.
One of the local stations had a video feed of Pete Rose Way downtown. The first time they put it up, there was absolutely no snow visible on the roads. None. The second time they put it up, there was a light dusting on the shoulders of the road. This of course was commented on in an overly excited and exaggerated manner. That is definitely snow and it's definitely lightly dusting the shoulders of the roads. Please be careful as you drive. Or something like that.
The sad thing is that I sit there and watch, turn to the other local stations, and watch them say and show the same thing, but with some variance in their graphics. A sad activity, like playing solitare on your computer for two hours. Sad.

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Kevin LeMaster said...

I do the same thing when thunderstorms are rolling in. I can't help but watch.