Monday, August 6, 2007

Chad Johnson's "Got His Sexy Back"

From Peter King's article on

The Chad Johnson Show is on, and he's loving it. Post-practice at Georgetown
College, he's telling me how he's got something wild planned for the first game
of the season when he scores, the Monday night opener against Baltimore. "Maybe
it'll get me suspended for a game by Marvin,'' he says, but it's something he
says he just has to do.

It takes all kinds.

"I tried being a normal guy last year, and I think it hurt me as a player,''
he says. "I can't be the guy who just does what he's supposed to, and
nothing way out there. It's not me.''

But 87 catches, 1,375 yards? That's not a horsecrap year.

"I know. But it's not good enough for me. I tried it everybody else's way.
Now I'm going back to my way. I've got my sex back.''

"What? 'I've got my sex back?''' I say.

"No, no, no,'' he says, "I've got my sexy back. That means, I've got me back,
I've got my own way back. And I promise you, it'll be more fun. You know me. I
won't do anything to disrespect the game. I never have. I love this game more
than anything. I might do something that'll cost me a game, but believe me,
everybody will love it. The memory of it will last a lifetime.''

What in the world is it?

He's not telling. I think I can live without knowing.

Wow. He's obnoxious, but not offensive. That's why I think Chad Johnson is absolutely hilarious. I'm OK with his antics if it doesn't hurt the team on the field.

In fact, I may like the hype and talk about the possibility of his antics more than the antics themselves.

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