Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bike Trail Update

It looks like it's a go! From the City Council's report...

MOTION, dated
July 30, 2007, submitted by Councilmembers Jeff Berding, John Cranley, Chris
Monzel, Cecil Thomas and David Crowley, WE MOVE that in conjunction with
their efforts to advance the "Permanent Alignment," the City Administration
cooperate with and take no action to hinder the citizen-led volunteer "bike
trail group" in implementing the "Temporary Alignment" plan for the Ohio
River Trail as outline in the memo dated 4/11/07.

This trail will be a great addition to downtown. This will create an outdoor recreational outlet for those who live in the downtown area and will bring people to the downtown area such as bikers, joggers, and walkers who will traverse this section of the trail. I look forward to its completion.

Link to the proposed trail here.

The Ohio River Trail will end at and connect to the Purple People Bridge in downtown Cincinnati.

Photo by Jake Mecklenborg

Below is a picture of the end of the Little Miami bike trail. The Ohio River trail will eventually connect to the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

Photo by Dave Dumbacher

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