Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Banks and Some Minor Details.

"There are plenty of unresolved issues, including financing. The developers will bankroll $600 million of the $800 million project, but the city and county have not yet said where their $200 million portion will come from."

I don't know why statements like this stand out to me. Seems like a slightly important detail. It's almost comical to me, then I remember I live in Hamilton County and will probably have to come up with the $200 million, well, not all of it, but some anyway.
In all actuality, I'm all in favor of the "The Banks." I think it's something the downtown is majorly lacking, you know, like, somewhere to go... I like the idea of hanging out in a nicely developed setting, a flowing river, lots of people around, and lots to do. It's like what big cities have.
Yay, we're going to have a grown-up city!

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