Monday, April 6, 2009

Reds' Opening Day

Ventured into the wild world of downtown this morning and spent the day with my dad. We headed up to 5th and walked briskly, bundled, and with opened umbrellas to see some of the parade. It was my 1st opening day parade in Cincinnati. I bet they're reall fun when it's not 35, raining, and windy.

From there we headed down to Great American to watch the Reds and my beloved Mets and their 50 trillion dollar payroll. I'm not complaining as a Mets fan, because it makes winning a lot easier. Just saying...

The weather got no better, although there were some breaks in the cold drizzle, evidenced by that bright overcast sky where it doesn't clear, but it does thin out enough to remind you the sun is there, somewhere. But I'm sort of a fair weather fan. No, not sort of, I am. I am the definition of it. And I'm definitely spoiled when it comes to tickets (and very appreciative!), and was fortunate to be invited to watch this opening day, my 1st opening day, from the comforts of a luxury suite above the field, shielded from the delightful weather. Definitely a nice way to enjoy a game especially when weather is bad.

Unfortunately for Reds fans, the 1 run produced wasn't quite enough to get it done today, but Aaron Harrang looked good in his outing. Fortunately for me, I'm still riding my allegience to the NY Mets that I acquired living in NY my early years. The Mets' offseason billions in spending paid off in the opener with the bullpen, Putz and KRod, shutting things down.
To all you Reds fans, I will join you in rooting for the home team once the Mets head out of town.

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