Friday, November 2, 2007

My friend's blog...

I haven't posted in a while. Most people will not read this post. For those of you who do read it, I do not apologize for not posting for a while.

I must say there was initially some guilt when my slide of not posting began. Then the guilt turned into, well, nothing. I sort of forgot about it.

My friend's blog is titled something that is irrelevant to my message. But his message underneath his title is "No promises here. Just a journey." I don't think this is much of a journey, but I have proven the first part of the slogan to be true for this blog.

Here's to a post about not posting.

No more about this.

And where did BlurgGirl go?

Go Cincinnati.


Kevin LeMaster said...

I know blogging can be tedious at times. Sometimes you just don't feel like doing it.

I've seen plenty of bloggers flame out after a couple of months. Stick with it--there are people who are reading your blog. I guarantee it.

Cincinnati Now said...

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. I think I've found my second wind.